IDo101 (Diamond series) is a super-professional outdoor siren, with high
Quality and strong housing. It has anti-tamper, anti-broken and other professional functions. 120 dB sound will be go off when alarm together with flashing. Backup battery can support siren when AC power be cut off. IDo101 is a super professional siren with smart and generous features. Just like a huge blue diamonds and red diamonds embedded in the user's outdoors. Illegal intruders can have an enormous psychological pressure and fear of crime.

Main Features
1. DC and AC modes are available
2. Selectable sound and lighting dual-mode alarm
3. Different types of sounds are available
4. Lights flicker with wavy way: Red light (red diamond) and blue lights are (blue diamond) available
5. Double shell protection, anti-broken function
6. 6 tamper protections: Top cover; Bottom cover; Metal shields; Installation with the wall
7. Top anti-temperature and anti-broken function

1. Working voltage: 9.0 to 16.0V DC
2. Standby current: 8mA
3. Alarm current: 1, 200mA at 13.8V DC
4. SPL: 120dB/1m
5. Sound frequency: 500 to 8, 000Hz
6. Flashing light: 12V 5W
7. Backup battery: 12V DC/1.3 to 7Ah
8. Tamper protection: Triple tamper protection, within a metal shield
9. Working temperature: -15 to 60 degrees Celsius
10. Dimension: 400 x 400 x 144.1mm
11. Positive and negative high-low alarm input
12. With a battery charge protection circuit
13. Waterproof and fire prevention technology
14. Wired and wireless are available