Product Description 
1. It is a intelligent switch, which adopting PIR detective and photo-electricity technology, can auto-control the electric appliance on and off, it is used for smart-home system widely
2. When someone enter into the room, the light or music or appliances would be turn on
3. And that will be turn off without people

Main features:
1. Automatic control: When people enter into the room, iDo108 will turn on the light automatically, and it will turn off the light if there is not person in the range
2. Auto survey brightness: It will not work when the environment light enough
3. Sensitively of the brightness can be adjustable
4. Auto-delay time: It will auto-turn off after a while, except someone enter into the room again
5. Delay time can be adjusted from 16s to 40 minutes
6. Switch features: It is bipolarity and three-wire connection to access
Operating voltage 110 to 250V AC
Operating temperatures -20 to 50° C
Power consumption < 0.016W
Load light or other electric appliances
Operation power 0 to 1, 000W (PS: to connect inductive load, ultimate output will reduces 40%)
Output type positive output is no, reversed output is NC
Delay time 16 seconds to 40 minutes
PIR coverage 8m