1. 8 programmable zone
2. Control Keyboard with LCD
3. One key rapid system deployment, a key to rapid deployment perimeter, password disarm
4. Keyboard comes with three emergency zone (button); Robbery police 1+2, Fire 4+5, Medical alarm 7+8
5. LED display alarm, power supply, deployment, disarm, fire, isolation, anti-demolition
6. System fault indication
7. Can connect up to four control to operate the keyboard while the host, programming
8. Stress Code Alarm
9. A clock, power-down without losing programming parameters and host state information
10. Group 4 following the telephone, group 2 alarm center Tel
11. Built-in digital communications device, compatible with international standard Contact ID, 4+2
12. Built-charging circuit, extended battery life
13. Keyboard backlight Tips
14. Keyboard Anti-cut/split
15. Automatic day deployment
16. Automatic test report to the alarm center
17. Event Record 50
18.10 Group 4 classification code
19. Comes all the way relay output
20. Host and the maximum communication distance of 1500m detector