iKLAS is a web-based key management system that controls and tracks the use of movement of keys in all buildings and facilities. Developed and manufactured in Singapore, the system incorporates advance technology with a user-friendly interface that can be configured to suit different business and security needs. Successfully adopted in a wide field of sectors, including government, healthcare, education, defence and petrochemical sectors, iKLAS is easy to maintain and is built with quality materials to withstand damage due to regular use of tampering.
  • The system can be remotely configured and monitored through the web-based platform.
  • Photographs of users can be captured during retrieval and return of keys, and attached to access transaction logs. 
  • Keys can be accessed in a variety of ways depending on security needs, including cards, PIN numbers or by fingerprints.

iKLAS RFID Electronic Key Management System

iKLAS RFID tech specs up to 24 keys

iKLAS RFID tech specs up to 66 keys

iKLAS RFID tech specs up to 132 keys

iKLAS RFID tech specs up to 132V keys
iKLAS RFID tech specs up to 252 keys